Welcome to the FINE family.

“Empowering parent-child relationships, one family at a time.” – FINE Infant Program

Our Services and Interventions

Our goal is to provide a caring, nurturing, and predictable environment that is vital for healthy development with the children we serve. Our focus is to empower parents with both confidence and competence to encourage their child to reach his or her full potential. Our vision is to help change the world one family at a time.

Family-centered Intervention

Our Infant Mental Health Practitioners and Licensed Therapists coach our In-Home Interventionists to enhance skills necessary for reflective parenting practices. Learn More >

Intensive Program Intervention

Our intensive program is designed to share techniques with families to manage behaviors during meaningful routines and activities in the child’s natural environment. Learn More >

Therapy Services

Our program provides licensed one-on-one speech, occupational, and physical therapies both in-home or in-clinic for those children who qualify. Learn More >

Who We Serve


We provide guidance to caregivers specific to their child’s developmental needs.


Join a successful and caring team while continuing your career as a professional In-Home Interventionist.

Regional Centers

We collaborate with Regional Centers and other agencies to support children and their families referred to our care.

FINE Core Values

These values are FINE’s fundamental principles and ethics, which define who we are as a company and how each of us carries out our duties and services. Our core values are reflected in our interactions with each other, the families we serve, and regional center staff.

Welcome California Association for Infant Mental Health (CalAIMH)

FINE Infant Program gives CalAIMH a warm welcome as it begins the journey to represent the World Association for Infant Mental Health in the State of California. We are committed to collaborating together in supporting the mental health and wellness needs of infants and young children and their families.